UVDeluxe 2

Erik Spellerberg
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The long awaited update for the popular UV-mapping script for Maya!

UVDeluxe is a collection of tools that offer convenient ways of working with UVs. All features take non square textures into account, from rotating shells while keeping the aspect ratio, sampling and setting Texel Density to the new Automatic Mapping that aligns the result to grid, sets Texel Density and rotates shells in the correct orientation all in one button!

This version has some new features and completely rewritten UI code for Maya 2022 and later.
The old previous version can still be found on highend3d with over 12k downloads!


  • 2023-04-03: Added controls for "Move shells by Pixels"

Key Features

  • Automatic Mapping with texel density applied, result aligned to grid, and shells oriented correctly so up in the world is also up on your texture. This is the Perfect tool for creating architecture models for games where you quickly need to map faces with a consistent result and resolution.
  • Stack and align shells to Grid, with optional spacing between shells. You can also snap UVs to nearest pixels at any resolution you want.
  • Match selected UVs to nearby unselected uvs
  • Straighten UV selections, quickly turning those slightly skewed unfold results into nicely aligned shells.
  • Fix Shell Normals, a simple button for setting all internal edges to Soft and shell borders to Hard, which is useful for High -> Low poly model baking
  • Gather Shells - moves UV shells by steps of 1 so that their center is within the 0-1 box

(*1) Resolution settings currently only supports combinations in "Power of Two" range, from 32 to 8192 pixels. Of course you can use whatever texture you wish, but this is what the tool's math is based around. I recommend turning automatic detection off if you are working in weird dimensions.

Texel Density with Automatic Mapping demo


NO LINUX OR MAC SUPPORT - It probably won't work

Please feel free to ask for help, report bugs by writing to me on Discord @ Optagon#1745
I usually reply quickly and will do my best to help you solve the problem


Extract the folder "UVDeluxe" directly into the Maya scripts folder.

Then in Maya create a Python code shelf button with the following command:

from UVDeluxe import uvdeluxe2

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UVDeluxe 2

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